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Our innovative solutions aim on minimizing our clients' competative threats, whilst ensuring their competative advantage.

Like the building blocks of our programming, our enthusiasm and expertise are the building blocks of our company.

If you need a company that has highly experienced and dedicated software engineers, you are in the right place. Our company is constantly evolving, and we are present in Austria and Hungary as well.

Our colleagues are currently working on several projects and are striving to develop software that meets the needs of their customers. Our experienced engineers have years of relevant professional experience in software development, project management and business analysis.

With the help of Blocc Technologies, you can effectively expand and modernize your business.

Our team

The diagram below shows the number of employees at our company, broken down by their positions.



  • Stefan Blatterer
    Stefan Blatterer

    After applying himself in the area of Information Technology and applied computer science over the past 20 years and solidifying his expertise in business development and project management, Stefan’s combined passions in these fields have led him to his most exciting venture; the founding of Blocc Technologies. A wealth of groundbreaking ideas, co-led by Stefan, he envisages a great contribution from BloccTech to the future of revolutionary products. As Co-Managing Partner of BloccTech, Stefan is leading the charge in what is surely to become a brand name everyone knows.

  • Stefan Kulterer
    Stefan Kulterer

    10 solid years in international real estate valuation, business and finance, Stefan is applying his expertise and his broad experience combined with his business aptitude to the success of Blocc Technologies. With his unique business-minded viewpoint, Stefan is helping carve the way for Blocc Technologies to become the most relevant IT solutions provider in the market and for the businesses of the future.

  • Gábor Kovács
    Gábor Kovács

      Gábor is primarily a Visionary type of leader - his creativity allowing him to take in the whole picture. He obtained relevant professional experience in the field of information technology by leading various large scale projects. He is a highly skilled ICT expert with 30 years IT industry background and 20 years leadership history. He has a solid routine in building and managing teams, creating start ups and developing products. Proven experience in all areas of networked systems, such as telecommunication, transportation, energetics and finances. Leading role in development of the first European multi operator mobile payment platform and general management of creating the Eastern European start up of DIGI Tv (RDS RCS).ral networks and machine learning solutions.

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