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The customer is the operator of a Hungarian landscape park, where the guests always receive a kind and friendly welcome. The Csodaszarvas Panzió és Tájpark lies along the river Rába in an area of sixteen hectares. The optimal nature distribution of the landscape park is amplified by a lake, pasture, and forest. The inhabitant animal life, the river bounding the area, and the service facilities ensure visitors to attend the programs that they’ll enjoy.


The aim of the project is to guide visitors arriving at the park in an interactive way, where the application allows them to see the various points of interest without passing by. Another goal was to help, encourage and advance the team building events for attending groups. 


The official application of the Csodaszarvas Panzió és Tájpark (Rábahídvég, Hungary) provides a lot of interesting information about the inhabitants and the location of the National park. 

The app, which is available for android and iOS, allows users to access the map of the park, leads them thought the attractions to discover it in its entirety and it also grants the opportunity for its users to take pictures with the park's logo on them.


To make the team building events much better, we implemented gamification features, which made the planning of the group challenges, the evaluation, and the winner announcement much easier. 

The design of the system allows the application to be used by any indoor retailer for multiple purposes, like shops in shopping malls for direct marketing solutions for coupon posting, museums for location-based information. The most classic of the outdoor applications is the festival program (Győr University Days, 2016), and the use of smaller towns for tourism purposes (Villach, Oszkó, Moschendorf, Heiligenbrunn, Bildein, Eisenberg an der Pinka), after a simple parameterization and data upload.


Received feedback

“The realization of this developed solution for the operation of the Csodaszarvas Panzió és Tájpark was highly essential. Due to the variety of our guests needs - like accommodation, team building events, weddings, children's camps, gastronomy, in and outdoor programs - it was hard just to outline our request regarding the solution - but the partner company handed over the application according to all of our requests, with many additions even we didn’t think about. The app is user-friendly, easy to use for users and admins, and at the same time, its appearance is a delight to the eye. Unique ideas, creative execution. During the development there were no requests that they could not fulfill in a very short time. Young, invaluable team, with a willing attitude even after handing over the app.”

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