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The PropTrek app provides a unique opportunity for the 21st Century property broker to combine digital services and marketing, to achieve more profitable results.

PropTrek changes the way we search for houses. Buyers are given an App which enables them to search for houses in any designated area, using various pre-programmed parameters, to search and select their ideal property: we refer to it as ‘Smart Acquisition' .


PropTrek utilizes an individuals' mobile content to correctly recognize the needs and wishes of users in the pre-sales phase, in order to pro-actively provide relevant offers and content.

PropTrek's unique selling point is the direct ability to search for properties in a chosen area, coupled with the ability to offer Mobile Marketing-Tools to buyers who are looking for their ideal property. 

This tool helps find the perfect property by reversing the traditional property search. By utilizing modern technology such as Location Based Service (LBS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) where we delve into Deep Learning, this platform revolutionizes the way we interact with the real estate market.

Should a match be found in his immediate surroundings, the user will be informed via push message – the match will most likely be more suitable to his criteria and thus result in greater satisfaction and faster decision-making.

With this perfect symbiosis of physical experience, digital services, and highly personalized, location- based information, real estate search can close the gap to cyberspace and offer a whole new experience to its customers.

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